Why bother?

It is a shame that the more interesting things we do in our life, the less time we have to share our experiences and thoughts online – because they might be useful or at least inspirational for others. Especially in a world where we evolve through collaboration.

Something I learned the hard way lately is that it does not matter what and who you know and what you did, if you do not leave something to your colleagues and successors/ followers to build on and so create continuous progress.

For this reason, I will come back now to my blogging activities, after a break of almost two years. I will share here my findings, experiences and thoughts with the purpose to contribute to our own evolution as society in terms of innovation and positive thinking. I believe in no borders culture and so I will start writing now in English – an international language. I believe the age has no importance, it only matters the ambition and the opportunities taken (or even better, created), and so I will try to inspire ambition by showing positive examples. And I believe there are enough websites full of theoretical content, so I will give my posts a personal note, giving real life examples.

This being said, my dear reader, I hope you will find my future posts useful and inspirational!