Where are you from? If complex answer, go to G1obals

If someone asks you “Where are you from?” and your answer is more than one simple word because you have to explain your origins and different places where you lived in this world, then keep on reading.

We are quite nomadic. We move around in search for better jobs, deals, love or even for diversity. But being an expat is not really easy: new house, new language, new laws, new city, new people etc. Relocating is exciting and stressful.

If you are in this situation, you might consider trying the newly launched G1obals. The platform aims to help expats through a trust-based community marketplace. Basically, users have access to a list of local businesses that are expat-friendly (like those with English speaking contact person) and they can see who of their trusted peers are using which businesses.

Before or after arrival most people look for services in housing, jobs, childcare, doctors, financial solutions, mobile phone providers and much more. Recommendations of other people in their social network helps to take trusted and validated buying decisions. Also global “locals” may enjoy the variety of their own city by exploring international cuisine or other global minded services.

The platform was launched in beta in Berlin last week and will expand to other major international cities soon.

Knowing personally the two founders, Mario Paladini and Anja Gnaedig, I am sure they will manage to develop the project successfully. If you are interested to help make international life easier, G1OBALS has started a crowdfunding campaign and is now looking for supporters.

Wish you all a happy international life!