What about failure?

The biggest barrier one can have to reach amazing things is being afraid to try. And we are afraid to try because we are afraid to fail.

Sounds like a hamster wheel, right? Well, the way to get out of it is by shifting mentality. And that ain’t easy, so here are some little tweaks you can do to make it simple.

1. For yourself: Is a matter of words you use.

Everyone has his own definition of success…and failure. What are yours (in general or for a specific case)?

Now let’s play a game.

Substitute the word “failure” with “learning”. Think of all the things you can learn by simply trying. And then think what you can do with the learning, even if you did not succeed as planned.

Now let’s also drop all this is “all black or white”. Define different scenarios that can happen.

It doesn’t look that bad anymore, right?

Out of a sudden, trying is good. Because this will give you more chances to reach success or learn how to get there (or ways of not getting there). And learning from mistakes is good. Because this will lead you sooner or later to the success you wanted, or you will realize that your definition of success sucks and you can find a better one.

And this can enable you to be much more ambitious.

2. In a social context: Share failures learning from mistakes.

We all fail and do mistakes, let’s admit it. But we are afraid to share. Because others only share success. So what will they think of you?

Well, keep in mind their success came from trying, failing, learning and doing better. If it was too straight forward and easy, you can call it luck. Which is good, but is a one-time.

The game here is the following:

Try to share your failures. Share also what you learn from them and/ or ask for advice. You will notice that most of the people will then open up, share theirs as well and help you.

Now don’t fall in the other extreme!

Lean Startup says “fail fast”. Which I think is a bit misunderstood.  It doesn’t mean it’s ok to do whatever and fail completely. It means try in little steps, fail in little steps, learn in little steps and you will succeed, or you fill adapt a little in order to succeed better than planned.