Watch how kids build startups

This weekend in Poznan, I had the pleasure to meet and see at work the youngest entrepreneurs I have ever met: 11 and 12 years old.

Have to admit, if you don’t see them and you just hear them, you would not be able to tell the difference between them and any other startup founder.

You can see above my video interview with them at Startup Weekend Poznan 2012.

Krystian Gontarek and Dominik Korajczyk were not at their first Startup Weekend experience. They participated in January 2012 at Startup Weekend Krakow with another project. In the meantime, they developed their coding skills and business understanding.

Krystian’s father (Kris Gontarek – co-founder at Dziennik Internautów) plays an important role: he was the one to inspire and help him develop. However, it is nothing but his own choice and passion. The challenge for his father now is just to make him focus and deliver projects completely, not just always start something new.

A picture of the two kids and one SW team colleague (Michał Adamski – Lead Developer at Telekom Innovation Laboratories) at work, developing KidGifter:

The outcome? Watch here their final pitch after 54 hours of work at Startup Weekend Poznan.

This is the future. It is easy to build a startup today, it is easy to learn how to code, it is easy to follow some startup methodologies (like lean canvas). And kids learn faster than grown ups usually. Soon your competitor might be someone in elementary school.

I would also add they are a living proof of self-education, rather than not-up-to-date formal education brainwashing.