The old Europe is slower

Q: If US would be a person, how would this person be?
A: A young entrepreneur, an innovator and influencer.

Q: If Europe would be a person, how would this person be?
A: An old conservative business man/ politician who speaks many languages.

Trying to obtain a seed funding from private sources for my potential startup, I discovered that there is a huge difference between Europe and US when it comes to the investments side. And yes, the interested investors I have found so far are from US, and not Europe, even if my business will be here.

US gathers lots of Business Angels and VCs, usually organised in groups/ associations. They are easy to find and they are well connected, sharing their knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs/ investors. Europe…let’s say that is a bit behind when it comes to this. The numbers of investors increased lately, but they are still kind of unorganized and they still lack a good networking – a.k.a they are limited. This might be because Europe is fragmented in terms of culture, language, economical situation and so on. And Europeans seem to be more conservative than North Americans.

In other words, there is a lot to do regarding the development of the private investments side in European entrepreneurship. The initiative should come from entrepreneurs and investors themselves, from media (especially those who organize business events), from universities – but can also come from any person interested in entrepreneurship by trying to build some projects to encourage this development. I am personally interested in this kind of projects and I will try to use my network and knowledge, and especially my passion, to contribute to “bridging the gap”. I’ve already found some good options – let’s see how it will go.

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