Scalable business – a money making machine

A lot of companies start by building a product. But you have to realize you build a money making machine, where product is just a part of it.” told me Vladimir Blagojevic, the man behind Lean Startup Circle Brussels, and GrantSnap.

What does he mean by that?

Being a fan and practitioner of Lean Startup, Vladimir suggests to entrepreneurs to take a close look at the other mechanics that build “the money making machine” (a.k.a. a scalable business). These other mechanics and the related questions entrepreneurs should answer are:

  • Customers: Is there a large enough market? Is it growing or shrinking? Is it a real market where people spend budgets for the need you solve?
  • Value: Is your solution a must have or a nice to have? Is your solution needed urgently? Is it easy to deliver through technologies that scale?
  • Channels: Is it easy to bring new customers? Can you use scalable channels?

Still, even if this “money making machines” is the Holy Grail in entrepreneurship nowadays, founders should keep in mind that there are few opportunities that fit scalable businesses criteria and that not all the businesses have to be scalable. “If you want to be designer agency that is just fine.

Watch below the video interview:

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