Not another entrepreneurship conference – It is Pioneers Festival, baby!

After an incredible success with their first European event last year (Startup Week 2011 – more than 1300 participants, 100 speakers, top entrepreneurs and investors), StartEurope is preparing now to rise above all expectations entrepreneurs and innovators can have from an event designed for them. They are preparing Pioneers Festival, that will take place in Vienna from 29th to 31st October, while also having Focus Events in parallel all over Europe.

Registrations are now open and, more importantly, applications for Startup Challenge are also open. If you are looking for great places to pitch, I highly recommend you to apply here. Last year the competition was taugh, more than 500 startups applied and only 10 made it to the final pitches. But it is totally worth it since 7 of those 10 finalists last year got funding afterwards between 500K and 2.2M from Ycombinator, Business Angels and VCs. This year to begin with, the winner of Startup Challenge pitching will receive 25.000 euro at the event, besides the great exposure.

I am one of their Ambassadors, I was present last year and I am going this year again, so in case you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

A brief overview of last year’s edition:

And the promise of this year’s edition: