Investors like startups that have customer romances, not one night stands and orgies

When you are an early stage tech startup, impress investors with how well you seduce your customers, not with how many you seduced already. Investors like to see engaged first customers and good conversion and retention rates, not absolute numbers.

You need to prove that your first customers have a big crush on your product. That you don’t aim only for a one night stand with them, acquiring customers that never come back because there was no spark. Also, that you don’t go for orgies, caring only about quantity and forgetting about quality and love.

If, in their voyeurism mode, investors like how well you seduce your customers and build real romances, proving good conversion and retention rates, then they will jump in. And the money they put in will help you scale, go conquer the whole world.

So, go for romance (engagement rates) and not vanity (absolute numbers)!

Also, show investors how you developed during the relationship you started with your customers. How you improved your customer seduction techniques, and sometimes even how you changed/ reshaped yourself (pivot) in order to keep yourself a place in your customers’ hearts.

The above article is based on the video interview for Customer Seduction ebook with Alexander Drusio, Investment Advisor at DuMont Venture, who talks about startup metrics that matter to investors. DuMont Venture invests in early stage and series A startups, helping them grow in their first years.

I invite you to watch it below:

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