Intrapreneurship – the concept, the conference, not the misspell

With all the economical crisis and the opportunities brought by technology development, entrepreneurship is very much encouraged. If entrepreneurs are born or taught…it is still a debate. But even with all the push from government, universities, media and so on there is still a small percentage of people that turn out to be entrepreneurs sooner or later – and it is normal: we do not only need entrepreneurs and leaders, we also need teams to work with them.

To make things work we need a whole system with many pieces integrated to drive growth.

Hence, there is one more ingredient that needs to be added to entrepreneurship – and that is intrapreneurship. New, not so popular and often considered a misspell, intrapreneurship is for all those people that are not entrepreneurs, but still have a huge power to drive innovation and growth in the companies they work in. Intrapreneurs are employees with entrepreneurial mindsets. Are those who see opportunities for the companies they work in and make them happen, with the resources of those companies. Are those who go the extra mile, beyond their job description.

I think most media is a bit misleading with all the shiny aura they put around entrepreneurs, making it seem like you are either one of those glorious people or nobody, just a slave of the system. But it is not like that and it should not be like that.

Intrapreneurship – the what, the why and the how will be debated at International Conference on Intrapreneurship by corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, recruiters, consultants, business coaches, professors, public affairs representatives and youth as future generation of employees. The conference will take place in Mamaia, Romania from 19th to 22nd July, gathering people from all over Europe. It is organized by JADE Romania and JADE (European Confederation of Junior Enterprises), and I am its proud Project Manager, driven by the desire to foster entrepreneurship among students – meaning entrepreneurship mindset, that they as future employees can have as well, that is not all about starting new companies.

Registrations are open until 8th July, so go ahead and secure your place if you are an entrepreneur that wants to know how to gather a great team or you want to know what career opportunities you have as employee.