Forget Prince Charming and mind that Tech is now Sexy

Excerpts from my interview for Girls in Tech Romania, event where I will speak tomorrow.

Irina: You are a woman in a field of men. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a “Girl in Tech”?

Adelina: I take it as an unfair advantage. We are not many women in this field, so media and investors really want to support women in tech entrepreneurship. This offers certain entry tickets. But you still have to be damn good to compete with everyone there once you are in.

I don’t think there are real differences if you are a man or woman in doing this. It is just that women don’t have YET role models of powerful women founders.

Au contraire, we actually grow up with all those stories where women are saved by a hero or price charming. So we dream to be taken by the hand and be “saved”. While men grow up with the dream to become those heroes.

Maybe we should raise our children with different stories. Meanwhile, let’s offer the world examples that women are in this tech entrepreneurship world too. Girls in Tech is a great initiative.

Irina: What recommendations would you give to the women that would like to build a career in tech?

Adelina: Tech has become beautiful and sexy, so we can be better than men in it from now on. Just stay curious, ask google and ask people – it is easy to learn. And wish to be your own hero.

The complete interview here.