Entrepreneurship is the perfect outsourcing

(This is the first post from a series on entrepreneurship conspiracy.)

Of course they promote and encourage entrepreneurship. They = the smart people from big companies, followed by smart media. Then there are just sheeps, but we don’t talk about them here.

Think about it.

Their option A: They employ you. They have to pay regularly for you. And they don’t know what you will bring to them, beyond your to-do list. Yeah, they do want to develop, to innovate their business. They get you in a system that has to run, but most likely lose your entrepreneurial spirit inside “the factory”.

Their option B: They encourage you to stay out, “look how nice is to be an entrepreneur”. You work on your own, with your (or acquired somehow by you) resources. You take all risk. If you fail, keep on going, don’t quit. If you get it right, they will come to you and buy you (you get your million(s) for exit). And they get to pick at any time whatever innovation they want to bring in the business, like a child in a candy shop. And they know what they are paying for after careful selection and audits.

So, what do you think they prefer? :)

Go be an entrepreneur, work in your own conditions and on what you love, risk, innovate, fail, succeed, exit!

I am not saying it is a win-lose situation, it is still win-win, but let’s also be realistic. It is their perfect outsourcing.