Customer Seduction gone wild…worldwide

6 continents pinned already. 34 interviews with entrepreneurs, investors and specialists…and counting til 100! All the knowledge to be shared in my upcoming book, Customer Seduction!

If you are curious how tech startups from all over the world seduce their customers, this book is for you. Customer Seduction started out of international curiosity and desire to learn how to build profitable businesses. It is still work in progress, and it is already a hell of a journey. Nothing compares to talking to founders and investors from 5 other continents in a single day. And the knowledge gathered is already impressive.

The interviews list is public and always updated here.

And below is a pinned map showing the locations of all the people interviewed to date. If your city is not pinned, would be happy to receive some recommendations on who we should approach for our research.


If this arouses your curiosity, take the opportunity to pre-order the book at a promotional price on our crowdfunding campaign.

And if you will be around Pioneers Festival in Vienna or How to Web in Bucharest in the next couple of weeks, let’s meet up. We have some non-conventional business cards to tease you with.