Crowdsourcing the state of the European startup scene

Dear European founders, investors and bloggers,

Would be great if we can make a current analysis of the state of the European tech startup scene, country by country. This will enable better understanding of development, better comparisons, better collaborations, better overview. Let’s write this analysis together.

Please give your inputs through the comments below and let us know, for each country, what are:

– hot spot cities where startup ecosystems develop (with specifics)

– latest successful exits (with figures and names)

– current impressive startups (those that make local people be proud of)

– operating business accelerators (with details and opinions on them)

– operating local business angels and VCs

– interesting startups events in English

– resources like specific talent, money, big local industries etc.

– bloggers in tech entrepreneurship

I am sure there is lots of interesting knowledge we can share here. And I promise I will put all the information in a structured way afterwards, available for anyone who needs it (when doing business in a new market, when moving abroad, when going to an accelerator abroad etc.)

So, please leave a comment with any bit of information you would like to share. Together we can make it great!

PS: There is already one good aggregator article here. But sure there is more to add.