Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding for Tech Open Air Berlin Festival

Tech Open Air Berlin Festival

TOA is a summer festival made by the community for the community, where hundreds of like-minded people can share their passion for entrepreneurship, technology, creativity and innovation, where people can inspire and learn from each other. It should take place in Berlin (the melting pot for entrepreneurs and artists) on August 23rd and 24th, if the crowdfunding target is reached – and today is the last day we can all show our support to the initiative. 

The event is not a typical conference. The value will be in the participating crowd and not on stage. There will be lots of knowledge exchange between participants and startups or any other kind of organizations can organize their own events on a crowdsourced agenda. The event just wants to connect people that share passion for technologies and innovations, offering maximum opportunity for networking at a festival organized in a decentralized way, but still including workshops, hackathons, speeches and parties.
Basically, day 1 will be in an open air location (Kater Holzig, a former soap factory), and day 2 will be all over Berlin (hosts of satellite events – open office day, BBQs etc.)
The initiators of the festival went for crowdfunding their bold idea, in order to see the support of the community and to make sure they can cover the minimum costs generated. The crowdfunding goal is set at 20K euro, so far 76% is reached and the deadline expires in one day. So now it is your chance to show your support for Tech Open Air Berlin, book your early bird ticket, book space to showcase your startup/ project, be a sponsor or finance a documentary on the festival with your brand standing out.

Later edit: Tech Open Air Berlin has reached its crowdfunding target so it will take place! (15 hours before deadline for crowdfunding, the project raised 109% of the target)