Coworking Europe 2012 Conference – Paris, 8th-10th Nov

With 1800 coworking spaces world wide and 700+ in Europe established in only 7 years, it is obvious that the working styles are changing for entrepreneurs and freelancers, while those running the coworking spaces try to develop and offer better solutions.

Coworking Europe 2012 Conference will bring together European and global coworking space managers, entrepreneurship activists, nomad and innovation experts, collaboration gurus, as well as representatives from the public and the corporate sector. On the menu: best practices sharing and debates on the future of working in a more creative and sustainable economy.

The organizers expect 300 international participants for their 3rd yearly edition. Speakers from all over the world will address openly all topics related to the coworking model, like how to acquire more members, how to diversify revenues, how to design a successful space, how corporates embrace the model as well, how to create a community, how to collaborate with other coworking spaces etc. All these spiced up with a day of unconference and a tour to all the coworking spaces in Paris.

Meet below the passionate evangelist of Coworking movement, the organizer of this conference and the  founder of an ambitious future  coworking space in Brussels, Jean-Yves Huwart: