Bucharest startups go Live and on Spotlight


The startup scene in Bucharest is set to become very active in the following weeks. National and international successful entrepreneurs, investors, specialists and accelerators will be in town to help Romanian startups rise. Here is how:

Startup Live Bucharest, 5th-7th October

For who? Romanian early stage online startups

Why? Improve pitches and strategy. Find investors. Prize: tickets to Pioneers Festival.

How? Working sessions with different specialists. Mentorship. Pitch competition with jury.

By who? Organizer: Pixel Blend and supporters. Mentors: Vlad Stan and Catalina Rusu from Geekcelerator; George Lemnaru from erepublik; Alecsandru Imbruzan si Irina Danila from Next Brands; Andrei Costescu from MReady; Cristian Olarasu from Good Momming; Vlad Popa from Avocatnet.ro; Denes Lenard from Webfoo; Sebastian Vaduva from Appscend; Iris Hafner from IT Layer and more. Jury: Mark Tuttle – Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor; Michael Schuster – Partner at SpeedInvest and Alin Popescu – Managing Partner at Avocatnet.ro



Startup Spotlight, Bucharest 6th – 9th November

For who? CEE Web startups with at least 2 years of activity, addressing a global market, with functional prototype and less than 100K funding. (read: The unfair advantage of How to Web’s Startup Spotlight)

Why? Discover 12 business accelerators. Find investors. Get free access to How to Web conference. Get media coverage from HTW media partners like TheNextWeb, Netokracjia and many more. Prize: 20k USD.

How? Pitch competition. Workshops. Mentorship. 1 on 1 meetings with accelerators and investors from around the world.

By who? Organizer: How to Web. Speakers: Jon Bradford from Springboard; Carlos Espinal from Seedcamp; Mike Edwards from GrowLab; James Digby from Rockstart; Fadi Bishara from Blackbox; Vlad Stan from Geekcelerator; David Bizer from HackFWD and more.

Deadline to apply: 12th October


Below you can watch a short video interview I took last week to Philipp Kandal, Founder and CTO of Skobbler (a successful business built in Romania), about why should Romanians build startups and how conferences like How to Web can help them:

Hopefully, all this support will lead to a new wave of brilliant startups rising from Bucharest.   How to Web is already showcasing success stories from previous editions. Looking forward to see those who will be the next success stories that will inspire next generations.