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About Customer Seduction by Adelina Peltea

The aim of this book is to help you reach product-market fit. In other words, to help you diminish your market risk and build a profitable business, by understanding and delighting your customers.

Without customers you don’t have a business. So this book will show you how being customer-centric instead of product-centric can save you from many dangers on your entrepreneurial journey.

The content of this book is crowdsourced. It is an aggregation of quotes from 68 interviews with founders, investors and specialists from all over the world, revealing their perspective, advice and lessons learned. The order will not be random. The quotes are nicely puzzled and glued in the customer seduction story.

This book is less about startup strategies and methodologies, and more about tactics.

This book covers the first stages of a tech startup, from the moment of spotting an opportunity until reaching product market fit – the mysterious path that founders need to unlock. Scaling stage is covered very briefly.

This book is for founders of tech startups that want to build profitable businesses. It is a book for founders only (regardless of background, business or technical).

If you are only product-oriented, you are just a tech artist, not someone building a real business. I know the sweet exciting feeling of seeing your concept becoming reality. But if you only aim for that, you are an artist, not a businessman. And we know from history that being an artist without being an entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily bring money.

At the end of the day, it is not about how much money you raised, but about how much do customers pay you.” (Murad Sofizade – Co-Founder & COO at

My advice is to focus on what makes customers tick. As an engineer, it is easy to focus on building the product. But a quality product doesn’t necessarily solve a need. You can make something that works better, but people are not adopting. Everything that counts is to find a big enough group for which you solve a need. It is all about finding the product market fit.” (Mircea Pasoi – Tech Lead (Growth) at Twitter, Co-founder at Summify)

About the interviews

The interviews on which this book is based are mostly with founders of different types of tech startups, at different stages and from different industries. A full list is provided here.

They vary from big data health apps built in Singapore, to superfast electric cars built in Croatia, to marketplace for elearning built in Argentina, to bio-tech chips built in USA, to recruitment platform built in Egypt, to social network app built in Australia, to 3D printer network built in Poland, to augmented reality app built in France…You get the point.

Some were part of accelerators (to mention a few: YCombinator, 500startups, LeCamping, GammaRebels). Some got investment up to a few millions, some were pursuing investors. Some were already past product market fit and struggling with scaling, some were recent launchers and some were in between these stage. Some were at their first startup experience, some are serial entrepreneurs.

Besides interviews with founders, there are also several interviews with investors (Business Angels and VCs active in tech ecosystem) and with specialists related to the topic (User Experience specialists, Qualitative Researchers, PR specialists).

All these lean methodologies are strategies, less tactics. You should use tips and tricks from other entrepreneurs that went through the process. The tactics come out of practice.” (Catalina Rusu – Co-Founder TangoMeet and Co-Founder Geekcelerator)

Get the ebook now at 8 USD