Customer Seduction by Adelina Peltea

Learn how your tech startup can reach product-market fit through the advice and lessons learned of 68 founders, investors and specialists from all over the world.

Tap into the shared knowledge and experience of people that have built big data health apps in Singapore, superfast electric cars in Croatia, e-learning marketplaces in Argentina, biotech chips in USA, 3D printer networks in Poland, augmented reality apps in France etc.

My advice is to focus on what makes customers tick. As an engineer, it is easy to focus on building the product. But a quality product doesn’t necessarily solve a need. You can make something that works better, but people are not adopting. Everything that counts is to find a big enough group for which you solve a need. It is all about finding the product-market fit.

(Mircea Pasoi – co-founder of Summify and Growth Engineer at Twitter)

The book presents a step-by-step lean startup methodology focused on concrete tactics.  It dives into the specifics of organising, conducting and analysing customer interviews, planning product development in the early stages, lean marketing for attracting the first customers and more.

All these lean methodologies are strategies, less tactics. You should use tips and tricks from other entrepreneurs that went through the process. The tactics come out of practice.

(Catalina Rusu – co-founder of TangoMeet and Girls in Tech)

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