Book Interviews


Here is an updated list  of all the founders, investors and specialists that were interviewed for the book Customer Seduction:


1. Alexander Drusio – Investment Advisor at DuMont Venture

Based in Cologne, Germany

(DuMont Venture is a Venture Capital in Digital Media)


2. Ramzi Rizk – Co-Founder and CTO at EyeEm

HQ in Berlin, Germany

(EyeEm is a camera application for smartphones that lets you share and discover topics, places and events from the photos you take)


3. Fred Caballero – Co-Founder of StartupStay

HQ in London, the UK

(StartupStay is a global community and platform for entrepreneurs that travel)


4. Edial Dekker – Co-Founder and CEO at Gidsy

HQ in Berlin, Germany

(Gidsy is a marketplace for experiences, a place where anyone can explore, organize and book unique things to do)


5. Felix Petersen – Co-Founder and CEO at Amen

HQ in Berlin, Germany

(Amen is the place for creating and sharing opinions about the extraordinary things in life)


6. Luiz Piovesana – Co-Founder of Empreendemia

HQ in Sao Paulo, Brazil

(Empreendemia is a Brazilian b2b marketplace where SMEs have profiles and can do business between them. It also contains a portal with content for SMEs)


7. Tristan Kromer – Lean Advocate, Advisor, Coach at LUXr, Writer at GrassHopperHerder

Based in Silicon Valley, the United States


8. Simon Chan – Community Manager and Product Marketing at 6wunderkinder

HQ in Berlin, Germany

(6wunderkinder creates multi-platform productivity solutions for individuals, groups and businesses)


9. Peter Sikking – User Interaction Architect at

Based in Berlin, Germany


10. Tiffany Bass Bukow –  Serial Entrepreneur and Investor  –  Founder & CEO at MsMoney.comBolsa CheiaFloripaTech  accelerator, Thrive Media,, Advisor at Astia

Based in Florianopolis, Brazil


11. Philipp Kandal – Co-Founder & CTO at Skobbler

HQ in Berlin, Germany and R&D in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

(Skobbler is one of Europe’s leading mobile and app development companies focusing on location based services)


12. Jan Tillmann – Head of User Acquisition at Hitfox

HQ in Berlin, Germany

(Hitfox is a game distribution platform)


13. Martin Christensen - Agile User Experience Designer at

Based in Stockholm, Sweden


14. Jon Cartwright – Co-Founder of

HQ in Vancouver, Canada

( is a SaaS for offices who need food delivered)


15. Mircea Pasoi – Engineering Manager at Twitter, Co-founder of Summify

Based in Silicon Valley, the United States

(Summify was a platform for social news summary, acquired by Twitter)


16. Michael Babich – Co-Founder and CEO at

HQ in Kiev, Ukraine

(RocketStart is a SaaS solution for building landing pages in minutes, without any programming skill)


17. Alexey Orap – Co-Founder & CEO at YouScan

Offices in Kiev, Ukraine and Moscow, Russia

(YouScan is a social media monitoring platform)


18. Hrish Lotlikar – Managing Partner at Eastlabs

Based in Kiev, Ukraine

(Eastlabs is a Venture Capital Seed Accelerator fund)


19. Kerstin Bock – PR Specialist at Tonka PR

Based in Berlin, Germany

(Tonka PR is a Berlin-based PR agency with focus on startups)


20. Harald Trautsch – Founder & CEO at everbill

HQ in Silicon Valley, the United States

(everbill is an easy way to issue estimates and invoices)


21. Sergei Sergienko – Founder of

HQ in Sydney, Australia

(Salesaroundme is a truly new system to engage your current and potential customers in real time)


22. Matthew Bostock – Community Manager at Readmill

HQ in Berlin, Germany

(Readmill is a community of readers)


23. Ahmed El.Hussaini – Founder of

HQ in Alexandria, Egypt

( is a platform for social recruiting)


24. Elmar Platzer – Founder & CEO at

HQ in Sydney, Australia

(PhotoMerchant provides photographers with the tools they need to manage their photography business on the Internet)


25. Michael Dijkstra – Founder of Storyberg

HQ in Sydney, Australia

(Storyberg is a Lean Product Management web application that helps you make sure you’re building something people want. Collaborate with your team, validate your features, win investors with your story.)


26. Owusu Achiaw Kwasi – Co-Founder of EventGala

HQ in Accra, Ghana

(EventGala is an events listing and registration web and mobile application that allows event organizers to promote their upcoming events and register the event attendees)


27. Leslie Barry – Co-founder & CEO at GetViable

HQ in Melbourne, Australia

(GetViable is a social collaboration platform for guiding startups from initial idea to building their first product)


28. Abhinav Krishna – Founder of MyFitnessWallet

HQ in Singapore

(MyFitnessWallet is a web application to monitor your health and fitness the easy way)


29. Guimar Vaca Sittic – Founder & CEO at Tomoclasses, Co-Founder of CenaPlus

HQ in Buenos Aires, Argentina

(TomoClases is an online marketplace for offline classes and courses in Latin America. CenaPlus is a platform for restaurant reservations, acquired by


30. Slaven Radic – Co-Founder of Tapstream

HQ in Vancouver, Canada

(Tapstream is a Marketing Analytics for Apps)


31. Robert Kawalsky – Co-Founder of Tonight

HQ in Sydney, Australia

(Tonight is a real-time mobile social network which provides a tailored context for the natural conversations people have around what to do tonight)


32. Sasha Mirchandani – Founder and Managing Director at KAE Capital, Co-Founder of Mumbai Angels

HQ in Mumbai, India

(KAE Capital is a Venture Capital fund)


33. Matthew Ho – Founder of Native Tongue

HQ in Sydney, Australia

(Native Tongue makes language learning fun, fast and effective)


34. Tomas O’Farrell – Co-founder of Workana

HQ in Buenos Aires, Argentina

(Workana helps businesses to find and manage the best remote talents for their projects)


35. Agustin Badano – Founder and CEO at Empreware

HQ in Buenos Aires, Argentina

(Empreware provides tools for startups to manage their finances)


36. Ronaldo Bahia – Founder and CEO at JobConvo

HQ in Sao Paolo, Brazil

(JobConvo is an online job interview solutions focused on Latin America market)


37. Chris Kowalczyk – Managing Partner at HardGamma Ventures, Founder of GammaRebels

HQ in Warsaw, Poland

(HardGamma Ventures is a Venture Capital fund. GammaRebels is a business accelerator.)


38. Murad Sofizade – Co-Founder & COO at

HQ in Moscow, Russia

( is a social travel site)


39. Alban Denoyel – Co-Founder of sketchFab

HQ in Paris, France

(sketchFab is a tool for publishing interactive 3D content online)


40. Adarsh Menon – Founder of and, blogging lessons learned at

HQ in Taipei, Taiwan


41. Yotam Rosenbaum – Co-founder of Earbits

HQ in Los Angeles, the United States

(Earbits is a marketing platform for music related products)


42. George Urdea – Co-Founder of University of Skills

HQ in London, the UK

(University of Skills is a video training and resource library)


43. Claus Rosenberg Gotthard – Founder of AppPointment

HQ in Cyprus (to relocate), Operational Hub in Thessaloniki, Greece

(AppPointment allows for Customer acquisition and access to the social media ecosystem, consumer interaction and loyalty rewarding, smart customer tracking and insights)


44. José Matías del Pino – Co-Founder of Ondango

HQ in Berlin, Germany

(Ondango offers social commerce solutions)


45. Philippe Botteri – Partner at Accel Partners, blogging at Cracking the Code

Based in London, the UK

(Venture Capital firm)


46. Marc Köhlbrugge – Founder of Beta List, Co-Founder of PressDoc and OpenMargin

HQ in Eindhoven, Netherlands

(Beta List is a platform for discovering early-stage startups. PressDoc is a tool for press releases 2.0. OpenMargin is a platform for communities within books.)


47. Joseph Pigato – VP Marketing at Sparked

HQ is San Francisco, the United States

(Sparked helps companies tap the expertise of their customers and employees)


48. Chianetta Jean-Francois – Co-Founder & CEO at Augment

HQ in Paris, France

(Augment is a mobile app that showcases 3D objects in real size)


49. Cherian Thomas – Co-Founder of Cucumbertown

Based in Bangalore, India and HQ in Mountain View, the United States

(Cucumbertown is a recipe blogging platform)


50. George Lemnaru – Co-Founder of eRepublik and CarsCup

Based in Bucharest, Romania

(eRepublik is a massive online social strategy game)


51. Colette Ballou – Founder and CEO at Ballou PR

Based in London, the UK

(Ballou PR is a communications firm with offices in London, Paris and Berlin providing strategic public relations for high-growth companies)


52. Adina Madularea – Senior Qualitative Researcher, PhD Candidate in Sociology (University of Ottawa)

Based in Ottawa, Canada


53. Chris Hanson – Co-Founder & CEO at Aromyx

HQ in Palo Alto, the United States

(Aromyx is developing a platform that places the human olfactory receptors and their associated signal transduction system onto a chip)


54. Adam Mencwal – Founder & CEO at ARnav

HQ in Warsaw, Poland

(ARNav is an augmented reality app for pedestrians and tourists)


55. Adam Martin – Co-Founder of WorkFu

HQ in London, the UK

(WorkFu is a platform for finding work opportunities and discovering talent)


56. Shola Akinlade – Co-Founder of Precurio

HQ in Lagos, Nigeria

(Precurio is an Open Source Enterprise Software for collaboration)


57. Mate Rimac – Founder and CEO at Rimac Automobili

HQ in Zagreb, Croatia

(Rimac Automobili develops and produces high-performance electric cars and components)


58. Alex Barrera – Founder & Chief WOWness at Press42

Based in Madrid, Spain

(Press42 is a web platform that allows startups to get the right exposure to media while bloggers are able to filter the stories they get)


59. Alexandru Craciun – Co-Founder of Wingaroo

HQ in Bucharest, Romania

(Wingaroo is a browser-based game for children)


60. Shmuel Chafets – Director and Business Development at Giza Polish Ventures

Based in Warsaw, Poland

(Venture Capital firm)


61. Mpho Setuke – Co-Founder of Mobbo

HQ in Gaborone, Bostwana

(Mobbo is a crowdfinancing platform)


62. Catalina Rusu – Co-Founder of TangoMeet and Co-Founder of Geekcelerator

Based in Bucharest, Romania; Berlin, Germany; San Francisco, the United States

(Geekcelerator is an accelerator for tech startups founded by geeks, that provides tools, mindset, knowledge and money for the fittest. Tangomeet is an online platform that provides tango education for dancers and teachers, from two of the biggest tango maestros in the world, difficult and costly to access otherwise.)


63. Roberto Fermino – Co-Founder Helpin

HQ in Sao Paolo, Brazil

(Helpin is a marketplace where people can shop online for offline services)


64. Michał Frączek – Community Manager Materialination

HQ in Cracow, Poland

(Materialination is a 3D Printing community)


65. Vlad Stan – Co-Founder of Geekcelerator

Based in Bucharest, Romania

(Geekcelerator is an accelerator for tech startups founded by geeks, that provides tools, mindset, knowledge and money for the fittest)


66. Taro Fox – Co-Founder of AnyPerk

HQ in San Francisco, the United States

(AnyPerk is an enterprise solution, offering discounts for employees)


67. Maxim Kamanin – Founder and CEO at Displair

HQ in Moscow, Russia

(Displair is an interactive airborne screen, which projects any multimedia content onto air)


68. Blake Commagere – Founder and CEO at MediaSpike

HQ in Palo Alto, the United States

(MediaSpike is a platform that enables true product placement in social and mobile games)