BlueSeed – the awesome international visa-free startup community 30 min away from Silicon Valley

Project overview

Silicon Valley is at the moment the main dream land for entrepreneurs all over the world, for its great startup community and culture, for its investment potential and for its well known success stories. However, non-US entrepreneurs  that want to start working there face difficulties with work visas.

This is the problem BlueSeed is aiming to solve, by having a vessel on international waters outside US regulations, 30 minutes away from the shore, where more than 1000 entrepreneurs can work on their startup without needing a work visa and going to Silicon Valley for meetings just with business/ tourist visas (or move there when they scale and have enough power to sustain themselves there). Moreover, the space itself is becoming an attraction, just thinking of such a great startup community working and living on the vessel, exchanging knowledge and enhancing motivation.

The project is estimated to be launched in Q3 2013. At the moment preparations are made, startups can apply and investors and other partners are searched.

For entrepreneurs

Benefits of joining BlueSeed:
– living and working close to Silicon Valley without needing a work visa
– living and working space in a modern tech environment for one year, at lower prices compared to Silicon Valley ones (payments can be made through different combinations of rent fees plus equity)
– access to an awesome community of disruptive startups, bold entrepreneurs from all over the world (inspiring environment)
– good internet connection and technologies to work with
– non-stop catering, access to gym, game rooms and other entertainment facilities, plus medical services
– a ferry for transport to San Francisco

Who can join? And how?
– open to the boldest, brightest, talented individuals from high-growth, scalable, disruptive startups, regardless of nationality
– until 24th July 2012, BlueSeed counted already the interest of 850+ entrepreneurs, from 250+ startups, from 58 countries
– to get in, these individuals and companies have to be referred to BlueSeed through reputable business angels, VCs, entrepreneurs netoworks or trusted contacts (or through submitting an online application and getting selected)

For investors and supporters

BlueSeed also welcomes aboard individuals and organizations (examples: incubators, media, cleantech companies) willing to support the startup community there.

Peter Thiel backed the project so far with his name and a promised sum that BlueSeed will receive only if more investors join in. Blueseed also wants to set up a Venture Fund for the startups aboard (aiming to raise 60-120M $).

BlueSeed presented by founders