Big Brother on authors – read/write books in real time

What if you could read a book while is work in progress, have early access to its info and be able to make suggestions on how the book should develop?

People like and want previews on books. Some authors disclose chapters or blog posts on it. But hell, aren’t we craving everything in real time now?

Since we launched the crowdfunding campaign for Customer Seduction where people can pre-order the book, we thought about ways to show why is the book worth it. Of course, the best way is by disclosing content. So we came up with the idea of giving access to the work in progress document, that includes information from interviews, ideas, notes etc.

It would be great to know there are already some readers that follow you while you write, it is a great motivation for an author and it can lead to great suggestions. Why wait to release in order to get feedback and then modify/ release new versions?

So, we would appreciate your opinion and suggestions on the following:

1. Is it appealing for you? Would you like early access to the work in progress book? Would you want to have access to info before others, ┬áto make suggestions to the authors, to make contributions? And be mentioned in the book as early reviewer and/or contributor? And isn’t it exciting to see how a book gets to is final shape?

How will this work out? We can sell access to the dropbox file, with the help of our friends from Sellbox. If you join early on, you will benefit from a very low price and you will have access to the document until it is finished. It will always be synced. The later you join, the price will be higher (highest being sales price of final product).

2. What tools would you recommend to keep the file protected? We would not want the content to leak. So we need tools to prevent spreading to people who did not pay for access, tools to prevent modifications (but comments should be allowed), tools to track what and when people read. One example would be Doocuments. Do you have any other suggestions?

Let’s make a real time book by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Please leave us your answers in the comments box below. If we see there is enough interest and solutions, we will give access to the work in progress book from next week.