A Ferrari for a business idea

I am always curious to hear people answering the question: “What will you do if you win the lottery?”.

Most of them usually answer “buying a car, a house, going on holidays” (or variations of these). Very few say they will make a bank deposit with a part of the money. But I never┬áheard personally somebody saying “I will start a business”. I hope I will hear it soon, though. And more and more often.

There is a great push in media and education today to encourage entrepreneurship, so maybe soon this mentality will become more common. I know we don’t need a world of entrepreneurs only, that we also need people who like to be just employees to run the businesses. But we need the appropriate people – those that spot opportunities and those that have the money – to invest their time, skills, relations, money into generating new businesses.

And just as a funny fact – the sum I need to open the business I plan right now is just 1/3 of the price of a Ferrari. In about 3 years I can generate enough profit to buy a Ferrari, and meanwhile I also create a great place for the community, offer some job opportunities, add some money to the state economy and I have a great satisfaction of creating/ innovating/ growing. Or I can fail – in the end entrepreneurship is a risky thing to do.

So if you have the money (win the lottery :), would you spend it on things like fancy cars or invest it in businesses?